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Circular Saw Blades

Segmental Saws

After trials with several manufactures of segmental saws we found that Lennartz of Germany produced in our opinion the highest quality and cost effective blades on the market today. We have worked closely with Lennartz for over 20 years now and many of our new customers have noticed a significant improvement in blade performance and longevity with both our new blades and by using our blade sharpening service.

We currently stock Lennartz blade sizes from 275mm up to 1410mm diameter and have over 100 blades in stock for next day delivery.

Our servicing department have recieved training in Germany by Lennartz and we are very proud to have achieved one of the most experienced servicing departments in the UK today. We offer a full repair and regrinding service for all the blade sizes that we sell and keep a significant stock of spare segments to enable prompt and efficient repair in-house.

HSS Circular Saws

HSS Circular Saws

Our HSS blades are made by Stark of Italy and with over 50 years experience we are confident that all of our customers cutting solutions can be found with one of our standard or PVD coated blades. We offer HSS blades made from M2 steel for cutting soft and mild steels with a capability to cut the occasional stainless steel, our M35 blades are more suited for high production work and harder metals such as stainless steel.

At Harrisons we keep a vast stock of both toothed up and blank saw blades which with our CNC grinding machinery running with CBN wheels we are able to quickly satisfy our customers’ needs with a high quality and bespoke product usually on a next day delivery.

With five fully enclosed HSS grinding machines dedicated to servicing these blades we can offer re-manufactured and re-sharpened saw blades with a minimum lead time ensuring that our customers have continuous cutting capabilities and can rest easy knowing that our servicing team with training in both Germany and Italy along with a wealth of knowledge and experience will keep your blades performing to their optimum.

TCT Circular Saws

TCT Saws

Established in 1910 Tenryu are one of the largest and most respected manufacturers of high quality TCT and Cermet throw away circular saws with a comprehensive product group ranging from 200mm to 1800mm diameter ensuring a product for every possible application. Please do not hesitate to contact us with further details to enable our team to find the blade most suited to your particular application.

We also keep a large stock of serviceable high quality TCT circular saws for most cutting applications including steel, wood and plastics. With our fully equipped TCT servicing department consisting of twelve dedicated grinding machines for carbide circular saws we can turn around your blades very quickly and even have robotic overnight capabilities thus ensuring customers are back in production within the shortest possible time frames along with the confidence that our service team are the most highly trained.

Circular Saw Blade Sharpening

Here at Harrison Saw we do offer a genuine "One Stop Sawing Shop" then after advising and supplying you with a saw blade to suit your cutting needs we can then provide you with a full repair and sharpening service for all blade types. You can also take advantage of our delivery and collection service throughout the North West and Yorkshire using our own vans, our van drivers are also fully trained saw doctors so you can get instant advice at the point of delivery, we at Harrison Saws realise just how important this is for our customers.

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