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Harrison take innovation very seriously. We have designed and developed the Automatic Weld Cell in house. The full patented production machine gives us a large capacity meaning at peak times we never struggle to send orders out on time.

Automatic Weld Cell

The Weld Cell is an automated blade production system that can take a range of band saw coils, and cut and weld them to most lengths with the addition of edge protection, if necessary – all with minimal human interaction to set up. It uses soft control computer screens, and can handle blade lengths of 2.4 metres – 12 metres and widths 27mm – 67mm.

This has two main benefits to Harrison and our customers:

  • It keeps labour costs down as each Weld Cell effectively does the job of a guillotine operative and a welding operative.
  • One person can easily control two weld cells. This reduction in labour costs means we can keep our prices more competitive.
  • Each Weld Cell can produce 50-70 blades per hour depending on blade length and width.
  • The Weld Cell dramatically lowers the possibility of human error meaning levels of straightness and accuracy are generally much higher than that obtained by a manual welder.
  • Harrison currently operate two Weld Cells with another due to built soon.
  • No other competitor has access to this technology in the UK.

The Automatic Weld Cell was designed and developed in-house over a 4 year period and is the ultimate machine and by far the most accurate and efficient way of turning coil into a welded band. The Weld Cell is a world first and to our knowledge there is no other automated way to produce welded bands anywhere in the world.

IMAGE: The Automatic Weld Cell machine

The range of band saw blades that the weld cell can handle is:

  • From 1.8m to 12m long
  • With a coil width from 27mm to 80mm

The production rate varies between 50 and 70 blades per hour depending on the length and width of the blade.

Wikus in Germany are now operating a weld cell that we have built for them and we understand they will be purchasing more machines from us in the newar future.

Harrison provides a reliable back-up service via a network of coutrywide technical representatives who are available to advise on specific customer applications and can assist with trials, if required.

Testing Weld Accuracy

We carry out batch sampling on the accuracy of the welds whether produced automatically or manually.

The tolerance we work with is 1/2000th″ or .05mm

IMAGE: Testing weld accuracy

Upcoming Products

We have an exciting array of new products currently being introduced and in the pipeline.

  • On the structural end we have our new Proflex with a new tooth geometry and set modifications – this enables the blades to run quieter, giving straighter cuts with less chance of pinching.
  • On the engineering steel and large billeting we have an exciting new product – the Giant tooth design and this can be coupled with an entirely new edge material which is unique to ourselves – X3000.
  • The extensive range of Wikus Futura Carbide blades has been increased in range and is also available in coated versions. Generally this is aimed at tool steel, stainless and super alloys but does have applications in the general steels market particularly where there are production bottlenecks.
  • For the future Wikus have also introduced a new carbide blade – Arian – this is really an out of the box development and requires a new state of the art band saw machine resulting in very high production rates.
  • Other products are soon to be introduced covering the sawing of aluminium and other non-ferrous materials.