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Circular Saw Blades

At Harrison Saw we offer a genuine “One Stop Sawing Shop”. In addition to supplying all types of circular saw blades for all cutting conditions, we provide full sharpening and servicing for all blade types, offering a collection/delivery service throughout the UK.

Our ONE STOP SHOP Circular Saw Department is split between Segmental Saw Blades & Solid High Speed Blades in one department, and TCT Saws in the other.

Segmental Saws

Our segmental blades are made by Lennartz of Germany – we found them to be of the highest quality and our customers are very happy with them. We are able to service them; resharpening, smithing and replace damaged segments

We have 3 sharpening machines that are able to resharpen up to 54″ diameter blades.


TCT Saws

Our TCT department completes our product range and consists of 5 machines for grinding off carbide circular saws – mainly for steel cut to non-ferrous applications. As shown in the video some of the machines are fully automatic and operate “lights out”. We also have facilities for retipping and smithing.