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Machine Servicing Now Available …………..

Date posted: October 14, 2014

Look no further than Harrison Saws for reliable and experienced service engineers, please see our service rates and information below:

To follow shortly …………….  in the meantime if you would like any information regarding servicing please get in touch:












Callout charges:


Head office – Harrison Saw LLP £30.00/hr travel time +     £0.40/mile.


East Midlands Service department: £30.00 /hr travel time     + £0.40/mile




Please contact the     Saw Centre

T 0141 429 4444
F 0141 429 5609
E sales@thesawcentre.co.uk
















Don’t forget that we offer training on:

  • Changing blades.
  • Coiling blades up and Blade handling.
  • Basic maintenance routines for machines.