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At Harrison we have a wide range of machines which we believe have the potential to increase productivity and enhance our already great reputation within the industry. Some of these offerings have been developed using our own in house expertise whilst others are partnerships with 3rd parties. All serve we believe to give us the ability to offer fantastic customer service.

Cut To Length Machine

Some of our competitors use manual guillotines to cut band saws to length. At Harrison we have produced our own automatic cut to length machine further adding to increased production efficiency. Designed and developed in-house it provides accurate tooth matching on blade widths from 27mm to 80mm.

We have built and exported a number of these machines to the USA and Canada, and we have also supplied UK companies.

Automatic Weld Cell

The Weld Cell is an automated blade production system that can take a range of band saw coils, and cut and weld them to most lengths with the addition of edge protection, if necessary – all with minimal human interaction to set up. It uses soft control computer screens, and can handle blade lengths of between 2.4 and 12 metres and widths 27mm – 67mm.

The Automatic Weld Cell was designed and developed in-house over a 4 year period and is the ultimate machine and by far the most accurate and efficient way of turning coil into a welded band. The Weld Cell is fully patented and to our knowledge there is no other automated way to produce welded bands anywhere in the world.

Pegas Gonda Bandsaw Machines

Harrison Saw & Tool are the sole agents for Czechoslovakian company Pegas Gonda who are renowned for the design and manufacture of a full range of Band Saw machinery, the majority of which are exported worldwide. With approximately 40 machine offerings in the range we can supply small low cost machines to bigger production machines with a capacity in excess of 1.2 Metres. The company has an excellent reputation particularly in Europe and Russia and this partnership allows us to expand our service portfolio to our growing client base.