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Band Saw Blades

We were appointed as the UK agent for Wikus Bandsaw Blades in 1990. Wikus blades are used worldwide where the highest precision and maximum power is required. Like Harrisons, Wikus invest heavily in Research and Development, continually introducing new innovations to the metal sawing industry. This ensures our customers are guaranteed the very latest sawing technology.

Harrison supply a range of Band Saw blades including:

  • Carbon Flexback – suitable for easy to cut metals, plastics and wood
  • Bimetal – suitable for cutting a wide range of metals
  • Carbide – excellent for cutting hard to cut materials such as titanium, PH stainless and nickel alloys

All our blades have a 4% chrome backing as opposed to those of the majority of our competitors’ having 2-3%, making our blades stronger and longer lasting, and helping our customers to achieve higher cutting rates.

All our blades are constructed from the highest grades of materials in an environment where accuracy and quality are standard giving consistently reliable blade life.

We produce blades to a much higher accuracy than the general industry standard in terms of weld accuracy and weld straightness. This we believe gives our blades the advantage in terms of straightness of cut and production life.

Whatever you are cutting we can provide the correct blade. In addition to our all purpose M42 bi-metal blade we have specialist blade types for cutting specialist materials. Products such as our new innovative X3000 blade can be used instead of M42 on hard materials as a more economical alternative to carbide blades but out-performing the M42 blade.




Coil Stock

The stock we hold if laid end to end would measure 180,000 metres / over 70 miles and the value is currently £1.3M which may seem excessive but with so many customers single sourcing with us it guarantees that we will never run out of coil stock and therefore never let our customers down.

When we automated our band welding system it gave us the opportunity to change from short 30M coils to the large factory production coils used at Wikus. We now mainly process coils 280/300M long and this has resulted in a lot less waste in our production facility and a substantial reduction in packaging, so we have made a contribution in becoming environmentally friendly.


Cut to length machines

Some of our competitors use manual guillotines to cut band saws to length. Here at Harrison we designed and produced our own automatic Cut To Length machines further adding to increase production efficiency. These machines can provide accurate tooth matching on blade widths from 27mm to 80mm. Read more about our Cut To Length Machines here.